Remote methods to provide scientific and information data with the use of satellites have become widely applied in the world practice of the oceanic fisheries.
A system of using satellite information has been developed and introduced in Atlantic branch of Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (AtlantNIRO). The system is based on utilizing primary data from foreign satellites with subsequent electronic data processing according to the programs worked out in the institute.

The final result of processing is the maps of sea surface temperature distribution (SST) intended to assist the commercial vessel crews in search for fish aggregations.

Types of maps:

  •  Sea Surface Temperature Maps
  •  Sea Currents Maps
  •  Sea Ice Maps
  •  Special Maps

How to use satellite maps:

The maps are used to locate the most probable areas, where commercial fish aggregations are likely to be formed.
As is evident from the long-term practice of fishery research and fisheries, most productive oceanic areas are usually found in the zones with temperature heterogeneities, the so called gradient zones: along the boundaries of warm and cold waters, in upwellings, meanders, rings, etc.
First and foremost, it can be attributed to confinement of feed organisms, being the food for fish aggregations, to gradient zones.

Satellite maps clearly show the location of such zones.
The use of satellite maps is most perspective for pelagic fish search and fishery.
The masters of commercial vessels are main users of satellite maps.

Advantages of using satellite maps:

Availability of SST maps makes it possible to:

- Rise efficiency of fishery operations;
- Rise fish catches;
- Improve assortment of fish catches;
- Restrict the areas of search for fish;
- Save time, fuel and engine resource.

Maps delivery:

The maps are usually sent 2 - 3 times a week. There are two ways of sending maps:

1. AtlantNIRO sends maps to the Customer's enterprise by E-mail in color or black-and-white image, as agreed. The Customer sends the maps to commercial vessels on his own.

2. AtlantNIRO sends maps directly to commercial vessels by INMARSAT system.

Up to 5 maps can be sent to potential customers by way of experiment (free of charge), and should these maps satisfy vessel masters, an agreements could be concluded.

Maps quality:

AtlantNIRO has gained positive experience of satellite map usage in the areas of the Norwegian Sea, Morocco, Mauritania and other.
Among our partners are leading fishery companies of Kaliningrad, Murmansk and foreign fishery companies.

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